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Jet Waves 2010 - 3 days of the Freeride in Piçarras

>  11/03/2010

Text and Photos: Mauricio A. Brandão

Three days were the best Freeride of the world in Piçarras, radicalism and competence set the tone of the dispute and the small town of Santa Catarina packed into stands on the beach encouraging their local idol, but everyone applauding.

In the last round, Lenzi flying and Pierre surfing

Pierre Maixent became Four-time World Freeride IFWA and A. Lenzi won again the Jet Waves, but the event began to be built in batteries pre-qualifying on Friday, where top riders had to face the drive from those freeriders who have prepared all year to compete in what is considered the Main jet ski freeride event in the world.

Some names of the jet ski show their ability, as Alexander Sampaio (Xan), the cariocas Leonardo Caldonecelli e Antonio Farias, the household names of Santa Catarina, André Martins e Leandro Vieira, and new promises of Rio Grande do Sul, Octavio Bortoncello and André Silveira.

Again the party won new color with the presence of dozens of Argentine, represented on the water by Herman Molina and Mariano Riva, but with the vibration of his countrymen on the sands. The French, in turn, once again were present, along with Pierre Maixent, first appeared in Brazil the freeride of the Maxime Baroero.

Mariano Riva, Argentina´s best freerider

Friday was the day of the arrival to warm their bodies, and better prepare the jets to review, gather the family of the freeride world. Early on Saturday the environment was already another, the sense of competition was high in the air, tension ran through the pits.

The day began with Saturday's "Last Chance", where the ten drivers with the lowest score in the qualifiers for Friday would dispute the remaining vacancies in the quarter-final. The batteries were intense, Octavio Bortoncello very thrilled to be able to complete his first back-flip, but lost the battery against Everardo Jr., Leandro Vieira showed some of his old shape when he came to be placed fourth in Jet Waves, and ranked himself. André Silveira, in his first appearance in the Pro category outperformed fellow rookie Alessandro Conceição, from Rio de Janeiro, demonstrating the future category. André Martins again showed his excellent surf over the jet ski, but lost the battery against Webert Hipólito who scored more. The surprise of the round and the vibration was the battery that the two friends met in Rio, Leonardo Caldoncelli and Antonio Faria, it seems that friendship has excited the spirits, the two struggled and overcame the most in an electric and very smooth battery, with a lot of surfing and numerous back-flips, Antonio won due to a very small difference.

Antonio Faria, freerider doctor from Rio de Janeiro

The quarter-final qualifiers were of elimination. The Frenchman Maxime Baroero overcame Webert Hipólito with relative ease, since the Argentine Riva Mariano had much trouble to win very nearly against Alexandre Sampaio (Xan). Lenzi overcame the Argentine H. Molina already demonstrating a little of what was to come, and Ross Champion showed why he won double world champion against Leandro Vieira. Tiago Geitens exhibited his art in jet ski freeride winning against André Silveira, since Bruno Jacob, from Bahia, needed to strive to win Everardo Jr.. The prodigy gaucho A. Buneder has prevailed over the Brazilian Leonardo Caldoncelli and Pierre Maixent overcame A. Faria.

Alexandre Buneder, from Rio Grande do Sul

Saturday night
The finals were constructed for Sunday, but Saturday night still held surprises in store.

On the river which crosses the city, the city hall set up a series of bleachers to the local population, who are jet skiing enthusiasts. On the bridge over the river, dozens of people shook up, but all eyes were fixed to the front, where from the dark river some jet skiing came, led by local hero Alexandre Lenzi. From his home, about two hundred meters from the bridge, leave riders were speeding and waving to the public until the bridge went down and came back showing off and A. Lenzi ran a few sets of back flip on the same river, to the delight of all. Shortly after the bridge had been built, a ramp was placed at the top of an arch with fire and the pilots went up the ramp and crossed the bow with fire, as the photo below, which further increased the excitement of thousands of people present. At the end of the night view, freeriders were received at the home of A. Lenzi.

A. Lenzi in show on the river

Later, the BaliHai of Piçarras welcomed everyone to the traditional Jet Waves Girl Contest. There were almost two dozen girls in the region marching on the catwalk to the delight of everyone in the packed house. The panel of judges assembled by the Mayor of Piçarras, the Women of Department of Sports, ESPN Formiga, Marcelo "Tchello" Brandão and Pierre Maixent were in some doubt but chose the three most beautiful and the Jet Waves Girl 2010, also from Piçarras.

The three first of Jet Waves Girl 2010 Contest, with Mayor Piçarras in the middle and Tchello at the end

Sunday was incredible

The quarter finals of the contest were restricted to big names in freeride. The Frenchman Maxime Baroero showed great class when maneuvering with perfect lines and defeated the champion Argentine Mariano Riva. Following on, the beach caught fire, Lenzi crossed with Ross Champion, Bi-Freeride World Champion, the dispute between them was balanced, but Lenzi stood out for his drive to seek or take off surfing in waves or ripples that appeared and on the half Battery Ross landed in the sand, damaging his equipment and performance and paving the way for the victory of Brazilian Lenzi. This battery after the two new values of the top freeride Brazilian Bruno Jacob and Tiago Geitens fell into the water to a battery tie between them and the two jumped to view large maneuvers, but Tiago took surf very well and won. Finally, the great champion Pierre Maixent faced and defeated Alexander Buneder, despite the efforts of the gaucho.

Ross Champion, from USA

In the first semifinal Alexandre Lenzi showed that he was very prepared for this Jet Waves and flew too high while trying to surf every small wave that appeared with his jet, M. Baroero, despite the great maneuvers had no chance. In the second semifinal, Pierre Maixent entered alone on the water due to technical problems in equipment Tiago Geitens.

Maxime Baroero, Vice World Champion of Freeride 2010

The final was set, a reprise of last year. In 2009 the race was very balanced and there were people who remained in doubt about who deserved the title, but this year 2010 Lenzi was prepared as ever for the Freeride World Cup. He flew too high, had new tricks, tunôs and giant back flips, and still managed to equal the surf from Pierre Maixent. The Frenchman was showing why he is the world champion, but in this final, this weekend, it was the day of Santa Catarina guy. In the town to where his heart belongs, Piçarras entered body and soul in the final heat and won this time leaving no doubt.

A. Lenzi - Champion of Jet Waves 2010

On the second place in the Brazilian stage of the Freeride World IFWA, winning the first stage in France and fifth in the American step, Pierre Maixent won another world title - his fourth title of world tours, 2005/2006/2007 / 2010. Maxime Baroero was the third and won the Vice-Championship.

Pierre Maixent - World Champion of Freeride IFWA 2010

The Brazilian Tiago Geitens, from Rio Grande do Sul, brightened the year 2010, winning the excellent third place in World Championship, after being fourth in Jet Waves.

Tiago Geitens, from Rio Grande do Sul, the third World Championship Freeride 2010

The result of the decisive stage of the 12 º Jet Waves World Championship was as follows:
1) Alessander Lenzi (Brazil), 2) Pierre Maixent and 3) Maxime Baroeiro (France).

The final World Championship Freeride IFWA looked like this:
1) Pierre Maixent (France);
2) Maxime Baroeiro (France);
3) Tiago Geitens (Brazil);
4) Ross Champion (USA);
5) Marc Sickerling (Germany).

The top three finalists of the decisive stage and the 12 º Jet Waves World Championship received a special trophy, which are oil paintings by the renowned artist Luciano Martins.

The top three Jet Waves 2010 raise the trophies - boards Luciano Martins

Pierre Maixet with the boards -> the left board from World Championship and another of the Jet Waves

Jet Waves World Championship 2010 is organized by Triefe and Federação de Esportes Radicais (FER). Supervision of International FreeRide Watercraft Association (IFWA). Support is ProNautica, Piçarras City Hall,, BaliHai, Revista Náutica, DP Productions and Bad Boy.


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Below some special pictures of Jet Waves 2010

Alexandre Sampaio, Xan

Leonardo Caldoncelli, from Rio de Janeiro

Bruno Jacob, from Bahia
-7th World Championship Freeride IFWA 2010

Leandro Vieira, from Santa Catarina

André Silveira, from Rio Grande do Sul



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